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We are targeting employers to increase the number of apprenticeships

The end beneficiary of our work will always be apprentices who will advance their education and their future opportunities as a result of being offered apprenticeship training.
It is evident that there are a higher number of individuals that want to train as an apprentice than there are apprenticeships available and this has been exacerbated during the pandemic.
The potential of apprenticeships to increase opportunity and to deliver the skills needed by the economy remains undimmed by the pandemic.
With focused effort, the apprenticeship programme will help to offer a way out of this crisis. Overall, Construction sector apprenticeships support an estimated £25.7 billion in economic activity over the next decade and nearly 860,000 jobs. A key statistic is that 93% of apprentices stay in their jobs after completing an apprenticeship.

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Our purpose is to make homes better and build better communities.

We want to do this through:

We’re growing our activity and our initial goal is to increase the number of apprenticeships in the UK by 25,000 over the next 3 years

Why? Because we have a skills shortage in the UK and we believe the best people to tackle this are employers. Therefore our focus is on employers – we want to support and encourage employers to take on more apprentices. We’re doing this by building a powerful and vibrant community of employers, with our Hub at the centre. Through the Hub we’ll provide advice, tools and support for all the key stages of taking on an apprentice. And through creating a community, we’ll work to understand the issues and barriers that impact hiring and training apprentices; together, we’ll remove those barriers.


Why us?

Once we receive your enquiry a member of our team will be in touch to understand how best you can help other employers.

Please join our community and together we’ll put apprentices and apprenticeships at the heart of our economy.

Whether an interested apprentice, employer, partner, sponsor, or you’d like to be involved in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s start a conversation, we have a dedicated team waiting to support you with any enquiries.

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Flexi-job apprenticeship will allow agencies to be the apprentice’s employer for the duration of their apprenticeship while placing the apprentice with other host employers for short term placements. This will enable apprentices to move between businesses as they complete their apprenticeship, while remaining employed throughout by the agency.

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PAYE is HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) system to collect Income Tax and National Insurance from employment. More information are available here