Donate your levy

Your levy account

As you are a levy paying employer and the fact that this Apprenticeship levy has been available since April 2017, you could find yourself with a surplus of funding in your account. With no opportunity to allocate it to apprenticeship training it would be worth considering donating your levy to another employer or to the Homeserve Foundation.

Below are the Six Steps detailing how an employer receives a levy transfer

1: Receiving employer agrees terms (standard, cost and duration) with the transferring employer

2: Receiving employer sets up an Apprenticeship Service account

3: Transferring employer connects its Apprenticeship Service account to the receiving employer

4: Receiving employer selects the training provider to deliver apprenticeship

5: Transferring employer gives final approval online

6: The apprenticeship starts and monthly payments are made to the chosen training provider

We're available to discuss your levy transfer

To discuss donating some of your levy funds to one of our employers or to the Foundation, please get in touch today. We’ll arrange a call back right away.